Electron Festival Geneva Switzerland was amazing! Thank You!

Electron Festival 2009 was a success. Me and Starting Teeth did an all out ballistic chaos mash set and people were able to handle it. Switzerland has god some mad props. Also got to check out DSL, A-Trak, and DJ MEHDI with French friend Pharell of the Fluokids Blog backstage was utter banger madness. Mr. Scruff tore it up at the M.A.D. venue with his classic soul/funk/disco jam mixes. But I think our room at the L’usine was still the best with Venetian Snares, Chris Clark, and Tim Exile tearing down the Experimental Madness! Every room was packed with electronic music lovers. What a great way to start a tour. I didn’t get any photos or videos of us, cause I was playing duh! But the crowd seem to like it. Check out some Photos here.

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