Mochipet – Spark – Featuring Mr. Lif – Out Today 4/20!




ARTIST:​ Mochipet
TITLE:​ Spark (Featuring Mr. Lif)
LABEL:​ Daly City / Petnation Music
FORMAT:​ Digital
RELEASE DATE:​ 04/20/2015
Mr. Lif Photo by: Amanda Macchia
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Mochipet & Mr. Lif team up to hone their inner “Spark” and explore new grounds on this Bass Heavy Industrial Hip­Hop release reminiscent to that of NIN. David (Aka. Mochipet) shares with us the background “I remember vividly when I started working on this track with my friend Mr Lif because it is the exact time my father began having severe health problems. So much so that it forced him to enter the hospital several times soon after. He was in such bad shape I had to stop touring and take time off from music completely. This was a dark time in my life, I stopped working on music all together, my heart was not in it. But even so I knew I had to do something, so what spare time I had I would slowly work on spark. The lyrics within it resonated with me. “If you envision that light through the dark, through the spirit of the heart better follow that spark” It reminded me that it’s often in times of darkness you need the light the most, and sometimes the only place this can come from is from within. I know this song will mean many different things to many different people, as we are all on different paths; but I hope sharing my journey with you will help you on your own in making that Spark!” Includes Remixes by: Kraddy, AMB, Knight Riderz, Omega, Lamebot, Great Scott, ghostNOTES., and Bionik.


Master P Dance Video Project

Check out Ryan Curren, Joe Gray, Stefan Ballard-Riesch, Donald Anderson dancing to “Master P on Atari” by Mochipet. Choreography and video edit: Ryan Curren

Video:Hottub – 4 Lokos Only (Mochipet Remix)


Mochipet’s Hottub- 4 Lokos Only Remix music video is now up on YouTube. Presented to you by SPAGHETTO Productions.

You can also download this track for free on Souncloud!

Mochipet in IDN Magazine and Holland Film Festival

The Video of Mochipet’s Remix for Kraddy’s Android (Godzilla) Porn is featured in this months IDN Magazine! and it will be shown at the Holland Film Festival

Mochipet Android Godzilla Porn

Mochipet Android Godzilla Porn

Check out a new music video by David Rose for Android Godzilla Porn!

Metropolis | MODA Graphik | Mochipet from David Rose on Vimeo.

Official video for Mochipet’s Godzillaporn Remix for “Android Porn” by Kraddy

This is the official video for Mochipet’s Godzillaporn Remix for “Android Porn” by Kraddy.

The video was directed and animated by Muscle Beaver:

An extended version of the track is featured on the release “Android Porn Remixes” which is available digitally and as a vinyl 12″. More info here:…

For more information on Mochipet, Kraddy & Equinox Records please check:

Click here to watch!

Michael Jackson Latern? Happy Halloween!

Acid Pet Thizznation

A video I found on youtube of some Mochipet Fractals… Alice where are you?

New Mochipet Videos from Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy

Check out some new videos from Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy
Created for some of my latest remixes… enjoy

Mochipet Godzilla New Year Video by Savage Henry

This is a Music Video by Savage Henry for the new Mochipet Single Godzilla New Year just released on Featuring Remixes by: Vibesquad, Ana Sia, Ant-en-nae, Mimosa, Nortec Collective, and David Starfire.

Savage Henry is a dvj production team that specializes in custom sketches and music videos. Created and performed by Bay Area artists James Christopher and Brodie Sullivan, Savage Henry works hand in hand with a network of music producers and visual artists from the west coast electronic music scene. Some of the talent that SH is currently working with include Mochipet, BLVD, Vibesquad, Djunya, the Flying Skulls, KJ Sawka and Alex B. Check out

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