Happy Holidays From Mochipet!


Happy Holidays everyone! For this week’s free download I would like to introduce you to the title track off my new record “Rawr Means I Love You” coming in 2013! I hope you enjoy it, remember to Rawr for the New Years!

And as always more free downloads here: www.mochipet.com/free/

Mochipet sends his new album "Rawr Means I Love You" to fans for free before it is even released to the public!

Mochipet - Rawr-Means-I-Love-You_web

Earlier this year, I was playing a show in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and someone decided to steal my laptop out of my backpack at the venue. I was of course in disarray, well because someone jacked my laptop! but more importantly, I was in the middle of tour and had to complete many more shows before I was able to head home. With help from my friend Eric, we spent hours to navigate our way through the Mardi Gras madness to go to the Apple Store, many miles away, so I could buy a new laptop that was not what I needed, but could work, charged it on my credit card with money I didn’ t have at the time, so I could return it after tour was over. Shortly after I posted about my stolen laptop on my social media, I was sure it was gone but just in-case there was any chance it might have been seen; I know it was a long shot. But more importantly, I was worried the thief could go on stealing more laptops from other artists without anyone being aware of the situation. Not expecting much, I posted some tracks to start a laptop fund and help spread awareness about the situation. To my surprise, donations started coming in at a substantial rate. Not only did my fans donate to my fund but they also helped spread awareness of the situation! I was able to raise enough to get a new laptop when I got off tour. I am very grateful for this, not only because I was able to replace the laptop that was stolen from me, but because people actually took time out and resources to help me in my time of need. To this I will always be grateful, and I promised that once my next album was finished I would send it to them free of charge before it is released to the public! =)

I have learned a lot about insurance and tracking systems for keeping your laptop going to the wrong hands when your on tour. If you would like more info on this you can read my post here.

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy the album!
– Mochi

Black Hole Sunrise – This week's free download from Mochipet off Rawr Means I Love You, coming in 2013!

Wanted to share another free track with you off my new Album “Rawr Means I Love You” coming out in 2013. It’s the music I might imagine if you we’re to travel through a Black Hole. I used some Modes commonly associated with Jazz hence the Maj & Min 7ths. There’s about 8 layers of harmonies going on here so you might have to listen a few times before you catch them all. Free Download This Week Only! If you like it please spread the love and share with your friends and fam! xoxo MOCHI

Beast, An Early Christmas Present From Mochipet!

Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you are staying warm and having a great end of 2013! Just wanted to give you a little Pre-Christmas Present with a track that took me way too long to finish. Well, it’s finally done and I hope you will enjoy it

as much as I do. So, for this week only, download “Beast” off my new record “Rawr Means I Love You” coming in 2013 on Daly City Records for FREE off my SoundCloud!Click here to get it! http://bit.ly/mochipet_beast

Daly City Stencils Found in France!


Our friend Dylan Just sent us this documentary of Blek Le Rat Stencil Pioneer in France and there was some Daly City Stencils spotted around (21:55 – 21:59). We are proud to be represented here <3

British graffiti artist Banksy has acknowledged Blek’s influence stating “every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier.”[7] The two have expressed mutual desire for collaboration; in 2011, Blek was seen adding to a mural begun the previous year by Banksy in the Mission District, San Francisco.[8]


Blek Le Rat Stencil Pioneer DVD from King ADZ @ SKA on Vimeo.



Threesomes With Moog and Mochipet

A few weeks ago I had a really good Threesome in my Studio with my Moog Little Phatty, Access Virus, and Roland TR-707. I made a post on my Facebook about it and everyone showed an immediate interest in the sounds I was making, so I had an idea! Why not post up these sounds for everyone in the world to share? So here it is, I finally had some time to edit these sounds and upload them for your own audio pleasure! Feel free to use these in your own production and creative adventures, I hope you have fun with them.

About these sounds. They were recorded straight to computer via my RME ADI-8 DS and then normalized and dithered down to 44k 16bit. When there is a pitch applicable, the pitch is in C. The Moog Little Phatty was processed with Moogerfooger MURF and Ring Modulator Pedals as well as the CP-251.

So here you go! The first set of sounds (MoneyShot) with my Moog. If you guys like these I will upload more for you. Feedback is always appreciated. So if you like these please send me a message on my Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud. Happy Holidays!



New Free Download from Mochipet – The Pet With The Iron Paws Remix!

Hey Ya’ll! I have always been a fan of The Wu-Tang Clan’s Rza, Eli Roth, and Quentin Tarantino so I had to do a remix of this song for you all! I hope you enjoy it, and it’s a Free Download of course. So share and enjoy! <3 Mochi


Mochipet Just Added to The Dew Tour in San Francisco Civic Center

Mochipet has just been added to the Concert Portion of The Dew Tour held at San Francisco’s Civic Center along with Portugal the Man and Reptar, Music Starts at 7pm. Click Here for Official Site

Where is the Dew Tour?

For the first time in its eight year history, the Dew Tour will be hosted in San Francisco, California. The Dew Tour Toyota City Championships will take place in the heart of San Francisco in Civic Center Plaza. The event is sure to have a city feel with many of our courses inspired by San Francisco and the skaters and BMX riders that live there.

What events/disciplines will be featured?

The following events will be featured at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships:

BMX Dirt, FMX, Skateboard Street, BMX Street, Dirt Best Trick, Skate Streetstyle and BMX Streetstyle.


What athletes will be competing?

Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Nyjah Huston and many more are set to compete at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships. Check out the full list of confirmed athletes here: http://www.allisports.com/dew-tour/event/san-francisco-2012/news/toyota-city-championships-athletes-confirmed



What can someone expect to see/get out of their time in The Dew Tour experience?

The Dew Tour Experience reflects the culture of action sports and the lifestyle of our fans through live partner brand experiences. The Dew Tour Experience will be FREE for everyone. Each of our partners will have a booth filled with different elements and products.

Our Partners include: Mountain Dew, Toyota, Pantech, iON, Paul Mitchell, Mongoose, National Guard, Stride and Dogfunk.com.

Dew Tour Experience elements include: Autograph signings, Skate and BMX Courses, Giveaways, Product displays, Social Media, Scavenger hunts and Contests.

How can someone get to the Dew Tour at Civic Center Plaza?

The best way for Dew Tour fans to get to the event is by using public transportation, including Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni). Parking will be available, but limited around the venue. Below is more information on the different ways to get to the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

New Song Swimming in a Sea of Galaxies by Mochipet

Mochipet unveils new tune from Rawr Means I Love You, due out January 2013.

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new on my Soundcloud so I thought I would give you a guys a new track from my upcoming album “Rawr Means I Love You.” I know, I know this album has been long time in the making but I promise it will be released soon. Free to my dedicated fans in December 2012 and the rest of the World in January 2013. I hope you enjoy this tune and if you like it please feel free to share it with your friends! Much Loves -Mochi

Photos From Mochipet Jurassic Nightlife at the Acdemy of Sciences!

In case you missed the Mochipet Show at the Academy of Sciences for Jurassic Nightlife here are some photos to tie you over. Big Thanks to Blank, Ket, and Mark Portillo SF Staion for the Photos and PK Sound for bringing the Bass! Click Here to See Them All


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