Threesomes With Moog and Mochipet

A few weeks ago I had a really good Threesome in my Studio with my Moog Little Phatty, Access Virus, and Roland TR-707. I made a post on my Facebook about it and everyone showed an immediate interest in the sounds I was making, so I had an idea! Why not post up these sounds for everyone in the world to share? So here it is, I finally had some time to edit these sounds and upload them for your own audio pleasure! Feel free to use these in your own production and creative adventures, I hope you have fun with them.

About these sounds. They were recorded straight to computer via my RME ADI-8 DS and then normalized and dithered down to 44k 16bit. When there is a pitch applicable, the pitch is in C. The Moog Little Phatty was processed with Moogerfooger MURF and Ring Modulator Pedals as well as the CP-251.

So here you go! The first set of sounds (MoneyShot) with my Moog. If you guys like these I will upload more for you. Feedback is always appreciated. So if you like these please send me a message on my Facebook, Twitter, or Soundcloud. Happy Holidays!



New Free Download from Mochipet – The Pet With The Iron Paws Remix!

Hey Ya’ll! I have always been a fan of The Wu-Tang Clan’s Rza, Eli Roth, and Quentin Tarantino so I had to do a remix of this song for you all! I hope you enjoy it, and it’s a Free Download of course. So share and enjoy! <3 Mochi


New Song Swimming in a Sea of Galaxies by Mochipet

Mochipet unveils new tune from Rawr Means I Love You, due out January 2013.

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new on my Soundcloud so I thought I would give you a guys a new track from my upcoming album “Rawr Means I Love You.” I know, I know this album has been long time in the making but I promise it will be released soon. Free to my dedicated fans in December 2012 and the rest of the World in January 2013. I hope you enjoy this tune and if you like it please feel free to share it with your friends! Much Loves -Mochi

Mochipet Symphonic Showcar

Born in Taiwan to a rocket scientist father and kindergarten teacher mother, David Y Wang aka Mochipet’s music has traveled the globe from Europe to Asia and everything in between. With many overseas and US tours his music has been featured in Videos Games with the Beastie Boys as well as performed by a 20-piece orchestra at New York’s Carnegie Hall. David sees no boundaries in music, which is why he has worked with everyone from Professional Skateboarder Ray Barbee, to Techno Queen Ellen Allien, Jazz drummer Weasel Walter, of The Flying Luttenbachers, and Mashup DJ Z-Trip. Recently you may have heard his songs dropped by DJs such as Bassnectar. He just finished a tour with Sound Tribe Sector 9 and is currently in the studio working on his new release “Rawr Means I Love You” Due out in 2012!

Twitter: mochipetmobile

Mochipet At the Academy of Science’s Dinosaur Exhibit


Mochipet’s performing at the Academy of Science’s Dinosaur Exhibit on September 20th in San Francisco. Stay tuned for more details to come. For more information on Academy of Science’s nightlife, follow:

Congratulations to Mochipet “Godzilla Rehab Center” Limited Edition Hat Winners!

Announcing the winners: Eli Brooks, Ashley Penn, Kevin DeAntonio, and Tanner Caudle! Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways. You can purchase Mochipet’s “Godzilla Rehab Center” Limited Edition hat here:

Winners for Round Two of the Petnation Remix Contest

Hello Petnation, congrats, this month we have not only 1 but 3 winners who will be featured on Beatport’s Single Release of Mochipet’s Moguera! by Bombeatz. Congratulations to these three for producing such fantastic remixes! Also, a big thanks to everyone else who participated in this month’s Petnation remix contest!


Based in Krakow, Poland, Fidser has been connected to music since an early age. Piano was first, then came a discovery of the turntable and midi controllers. Fidser’s fascination with turntablism had him organizing and participating in scratch sessions, and even today, you can hear Fidser’s scratches on hip-hop tracks.After several years of expanding his musical horizons through performing and collecting vinyls (anything from dub to breakcore), Fidser now concentrates on production in the realms of juke/footwork, trap, moombahton, post-dubstep, glitch-hop, future bass, and future garage. A serious passion for the amen break, deep subs, old-school Roland sounds, rave elements, glitch noises, cut vocals, and broken rhythms are what set Fidser’s music apart from the masses.With his his debut solo EP Check This Out on Polish label Concrete Cut just around the corner, now is just the beginning for this hugely promising artist. Even prior to his track (“Watch Dis”) included on the recently released World Wide Juke Vol. 3 compilation, Fider had been turning heads – his first footwork experiments were mentioned on taste-making blog Generation Bass. Fidser has also recorded sets and podcasts for Radiofonia,, and

Death by Bacon:

Death by Bacon’s Soundcloud


Formed in late 2010 as the two man music project brainchild of Rene Gonzalez and Carlos Diaz, LAMEBOT began as an experiment in pushing each of their musical boundaries. By the time of their first release in April 2011, “Playing Ketchup” Carlos had left to peruse other efforts. Since then LAMEBOT has grown to further experiment with sound by not constricting to genre specifics and treating sound as a member of the group. Playing in the same venues as some of his favorite producers like Feed Me and Bassnectar, and opening for national touring acts like Ill.Gates, LAMEBOT’s sound is evolving with the audience to form a unique blend of music referred to as “Futuristic” by Sweat Records.

We’ve greatly appreciated all the feedback that we’ve been receiving thus far from these contests, so we’re going to keep these monthly Petnation remix contests rolling along. We hope that you got a chance to listen to these three remixes above, and all the other contestants as well. Excited to see what everyone comes up with for next month! You can find all the details on how to get involved in the contest here.

Godzilla Rehab Center EP Comes out 7/24 for Listening Pleasures

The EP Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Center is coming out on Daly City Records.

ARTIST: Mochipet

TITLE: Godzilla Rehab Center


LABEL: Daly City Records

FORMAT: Digital

RELEASE DATE: 08/21/2012

Get it early on pre order here at

Mochipet — Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Center

1) Gigan

2) KIng Ghidorah

3) Moguera

4) Hedorah

5) The Cosmos

* If you think of Godzilla and you think of Bass Music there is only one name that really comes to mind and that’s Mochipet. The Taiwan born beatmaker makes a short stop on his full length release later this year “Rawr Means I Love You” to bring you another Monster Themed EP titled “Godzilla Rehab Center.”   With track titles named straight from a Godzilla casting call you know the beats are heavy and pack a big growl! Stand out tracks include Moguera (Single), Gigan, and The Cosmos, named after the 18 centimeter tall Psychadelic Twin Moth Fairies you may have seen in Godzilla vs. Mothera or Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. Mochipet brings more melodies and harmonies in this latest release, a glipse of whats to come later this year from our Godzilla Beatmaker.

This just in Robot Pirate Girls Spoted at Mochipet Shows

Photos by Michael Ryals

This just in Robot Pirate Girls Spoted at Mochipet Shows. This is a strange cross-breeding we have yet to identify. All in all they seem to play nice with Godzilla, Unicorn, and Dinosaurs also found at Mochipet Shows. We will keep you posted on further findings of this stay tuned..

Mochipet “Moguera” Media Blast Contest!

Hey Pets!

David, the Mochi team, and I have been discussing about having a new contest to heighten the chance of winning the soon to be released Mochipet Grassroots hat. Obviously, we are totally down with this idea!

Contest Deets:

We are wanting you to share Mochipet’s newest track “Moguera” all over your social media sites. Whoever gets the most likes, RT’s, pluses, etc. on “Moguera” WINS!! You can share the link as many times as you like and we will add up all your responses from it.

Copy and paste THIS link:  (not sure why the soundcloud embedded html link won’t work right now)

Take screenshots of you sharing it (maybe wait a while so the responses build up… or just keep taking screenshots as you go!)

  • If you have a Mac press:  Command + Shift + 3 (all at the same time) to save the shot to your desktop
  • If you have a PC press:  PrtScn then open an image editing program like “Microsoft Paint,” go to edit menu and press paste, and then save your image somewhere you can remember it. Click here to see the instructions I got this from OR type in “PC Screenshot” into google. If that doesn’t work, take a picture with your phone and post it that way!! Haha, sorry guys… I’m a Mac user 🙂
You have a couple of options on getting to us…
  • Tag [Mochipet] or post your screenshots onto Facebook on the Mochipet fanpage.
  • Tweet your image to David’s twitter at @mochipetmobile
  • OR, email the images or a link to your photo album to me at:

Make sure you have your entries sent by 8 am (PST) on Tuesday July 24th! We will pick and announce the winner later that evening!

The winner will win this hat:


Our other contest on creating your own Mochipet “Godzilla Rehab” meme is STILL going on too! Click here to refresh your memory on the contest rules. The meme contest deadline is also Tuesday July 24th at 8am. We have LOVED your entries so far and can’t wait to see more! If you are looking for more inspiration check back on our last blog where the team and I joined in on the fun. I know, I know… it is a little difficult to make a meme of yourself. My advice is to relax, have fun with it, and hey you could win a free hat! An easy meme maker website is .


In other news, Mochipet’s newest EP “Godzilla Rehab Center” is going to be released this Tuesday July 24th! Click here to preview the songs on Addictech! Hope to see you Pets’ spreading the word 🙂


That’s all for now!

Stacy & the Mochipet Team 

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