Mochipet “Moguera” Media Blast Contest!

Hey Pets!

David, the Mochi team, and I have been discussing about having a new contest to heighten the chance of winning the soon to be released Mochipet Grassroots hat. Obviously, we are totally down with this idea!

Contest Deets:

We are wanting you to share Mochipet’s newest track “Moguera” all over your social media sites. Whoever gets the most likes, RT’s, pluses, etc. on “Moguera” WINS!! You can share the link as many times as you like and we will add up all your responses from it.

Copy and paste THIS link:  (not sure why the soundcloud embedded html link won’t work right now)

Take screenshots of you sharing it (maybe wait a while so the responses build up… or just keep taking screenshots as you go!)

  • If you have a Mac press:  Command + Shift + 3 (all at the same time) to save the shot to your desktop
  • If you have a PC press:  PrtScn then open an image editing program like “Microsoft Paint,” go to edit menu and press paste, and then save your image somewhere you can remember it. Click here to see the instructions I got this from OR type in “PC Screenshot” into google. If that doesn’t work, take a picture with your phone and post it that way!! Haha, sorry guys… I’m a Mac user 🙂
You have a couple of options on getting to us…
  • Tag [Mochipet] or post your screenshots onto Facebook on the Mochipet fanpage.
  • Tweet your image to David’s twitter at @mochipetmobile
  • OR, email the images or a link to your photo album to me at:

Make sure you have your entries sent by 8 am (PST) on Tuesday July 24th! We will pick and announce the winner later that evening!

The winner will win this hat:


Our other contest on creating your own Mochipet “Godzilla Rehab” meme is STILL going on too! Click here to refresh your memory on the contest rules. The meme contest deadline is also Tuesday July 24th at 8am. We have LOVED your entries so far and can’t wait to see more! If you are looking for more inspiration check back on our last blog where the team and I joined in on the fun. I know, I know… it is a little difficult to make a meme of yourself. My advice is to relax, have fun with it, and hey you could win a free hat! An easy meme maker website is .


In other news, Mochipet’s newest EP “Godzilla Rehab Center” is going to be released this Tuesday July 24th! Click here to preview the songs on Addictech! Hope to see you Pets’ spreading the word 🙂


That’s all for now!

Stacy & the Mochipet Team 

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