Winners for Round Two of the Petnation Remix Contest

Hello Petnation, congrats, this month we have not only 1 but 3 winners who will be featured on Beatport’s Single Release of Mochipet’s Moguera! by Bombeatz. Congratulations to these three for producing such fantastic remixes! Also, a big thanks to everyone else who participated in this month’s Petnation remix contest!


Based in Krakow, Poland, Fidser has been connected to music since an early age. Piano was first, then came a discovery of the turntable and midi controllers. Fidser’s fascination with turntablism had him organizing and participating in scratch sessions, and even today, you can hear Fidser’s scratches on hip-hop tracks.After several years of expanding his musical horizons through performing and collecting vinyls (anything from dub to breakcore), Fidser now concentrates on production in the realms of juke/footwork, trap, moombahton, post-dubstep, glitch-hop, future bass, and future garage. A serious passion for the amen break, deep subs, old-school Roland sounds, rave elements, glitch noises, cut vocals, and broken rhythms are what set Fidser’s music apart from the masses.With his his debut solo EP Check This Out on Polish label Concrete Cut just around the corner, now is just the beginning for this hugely promising artist. Even prior to his track (“Watch Dis”) included on the recently released World Wide Juke Vol. 3 compilation, Fider had been turning heads – his first footwork experiments were mentioned on taste-making blog Generation Bass. Fidser has also recorded sets and podcasts for Radiofonia,, and

Death by Bacon:

Death by Bacon’s Soundcloud


Formed in late 2010 as the two man music project brainchild of Rene Gonzalez and Carlos Diaz, LAMEBOT began as an experiment in pushing each of their musical boundaries. By the time of their first release in April 2011, “Playing Ketchup” Carlos had left to peruse other efforts. Since then LAMEBOT has grown to further experiment with sound by not constricting to genre specifics and treating sound as a member of the group. Playing in the same venues as some of his favorite producers like Feed Me and Bassnectar, and opening for national touring acts like Ill.Gates, LAMEBOT’s sound is evolving with the audience to form a unique blend of music referred to as “Futuristic” by Sweat Records.

We’ve greatly appreciated all the feedback that we’ve been receiving thus far from these contests, so we’re going to keep these monthly Petnation remix contests rolling along. We hope that you got a chance to listen to these three remixes above, and all the other contestants as well. Excited to see what everyone comes up with for next month! You can find all the details on how to get involved in the contest here.

Godzilla Rehab Center EP Comes out 7/24 for Listening Pleasures

The EP Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Center is coming out on Daly City Records.

ARTIST: Mochipet

TITLE: Godzilla Rehab Center


LABEL: Daly City Records

FORMAT: Digital

RELEASE DATE: 08/21/2012

Get it early on pre order here at

Mochipet — Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Center

1) Gigan

2) KIng Ghidorah

3) Moguera

4) Hedorah

5) The Cosmos

* If you think of Godzilla and you think of Bass Music there is only one name that really comes to mind and that’s Mochipet. The Taiwan born beatmaker makes a short stop on his full length release later this year “Rawr Means I Love You” to bring you another Monster Themed EP titled “Godzilla Rehab Center.”   With track titles named straight from a Godzilla casting call you know the beats are heavy and pack a big growl! Stand out tracks include Moguera (Single), Gigan, and The Cosmos, named after the 18 centimeter tall Psychadelic Twin Moth Fairies you may have seen in Godzilla vs. Mothera or Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. Mochipet brings more melodies and harmonies in this latest release, a glipse of whats to come later this year from our Godzilla Beatmaker.

Team Mochipet Goofs Off in Godzilla Rehab!

Hey everybody!

As you guys know, we are having the contest for making a meme of going to Godzilla Rehab for your chance to win the new Mochipet Grassroots hat (to refresh your mind check back here). Here at the Mochipet labs we thought it would be fun if the team contributed in this contest…just for fun, don’t worry! We hope you all like what we have come up!

There you go! We all had a lot of fun creating these. Just relax… your cool saying will come to you 🙂 You can create your meme at We are SO STOKED to see what the rest of you have made up!!

Stay tuned & talk soon.

Mochipet & Grassroots Godzilla Rehab Meme Contest!

Hello Petnation! Mochipet has a brand new EP coming out on Daly City Records and commemorating this we are launching it all off with a contest from him and Grassroots California! That’s right! Here is your change to Win a Limited Edition Mochipet Lid (Only 420 Made) with a Godzilla Rehab Meme Creation Contest!

Have you ever had a friend who just doesn’t know when to stop? Who never knows when to quit? Well here’s your chance to send him to Godzilla Rehab!! Use one of the memes below (or Create your own) and post it on their Facebook, Twitter, or Email. Make sure to tag Mochipet and we’ll be checking out the most funniest and most creative ones to pick a winner when Mochipet’s Godzilla Rehab EP and Grassroots hat comes out 7/24/2012!! ** Bonus points for more likes and re-posts on your post so spread the word!

Here’s a sneak peek of the EP:

Moguera by Mochipet


Mochipet Godzilla Rehab Memes:

Use This One
(Right Click to Save on PC or Ctrl Click to Save on Mac) OR
Make Your Own

Use This One
(Right Click to Save on PC or Ctrl Click to Save on Mac) OR
Make Your Own

Use This One
(Right Click to Save on PC or Ctrl Click to Save on Mac) OR
Make Your Own


We’ll Pick a Hat Winner When Godzilla Rehab Comes

Out 7/24!!!




Mochipet Streaming Live on Veetle Tomorrow!

Hey pets, let’s get connected!

We are excited to let you know that Mochipet is teaming up with Veetle! Twice a month Mochipet will be STREAMING LIVE from his studio to talk about what has been going on in the Mochipet labs and what to expect here in the future. The kick off of this collaboration with Veetle will be tomorrow (Tuesday July 2nd) at 7:00 pm (PST). Mochipet will be posting the stream on his Facebook wall when it officially begins.

Stay tuned for more details as the live stream time gets closer.

We will be talking to YOU very soon!

Mochipet Gives Away Master P on Atari in honor of Atari’s 40th Birthday!

In honor of Video Game Giant Atari Systems 40th Birthday Mochipet is for limited time giving away his album “Master P on Atari” on his Bandcamp page! Master P on Atari was Mochipet’s  follow up to his 808 Opus“Microphonepet” gained him a spot on 2kSports’ NBA2k9 Videogame along side acts such asBeastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids and now he’s back with another Glitched Out Video Game Marathon. Master P on Atari is dirtier, bassier, and spaceier, with lazers set on full destruct. You’ll hear elements of Hip Hop, Dubstep, 8bit, IDM, Metal, and Chopped and Screwed but it is still all David Y. Wang, expanding on his already immense electronic musical pallet. There might be a reason why publications such as The Clash Magazine (UK), Bay Guardian, and SFWeekly has nomited him as one of the Best Electronic Act of 2008 and one to watch for in the future!

Download Master P on Atari Here

Mochipet’s Interview with Vortex Magazine


Mochipet just recently did an interview with Vortex Magazine.

In this interview, Mochipet discusses everything ranging from his new music, what it’s like to run Daly City Records, and where some of his favorite places to tour are. Here’s a quote from the interview that received some online attention, ‘over all I think we need to treat humanity more like a family and less like a business. We are human beings lets start acting like it. We need to pull together and help each other rather then fight each other.’

Read more from the interview here.

Mochipet Mini Hawaii Tour

Mochipet is coming back to Hawaii for a little tour next month on Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and The Big Island! If your looking for a little Godzilla Bass with your Surf and Jungle this is the place to get it!

Jul 6, 2012 – Kauai – TBA
Jul 7, 2012 – Honolulu, HI () @ Next Door – Mochipet Island Tour 2012
Jul 13, 2012 – Pahoa, HI () @ Akebono Theatre – Mochipet Island Tour 2012
Jul 14, 2012 – Makawao, HI () @ Casanova – Mochipet Island Tour 2012

Get more info about Mochipet Shows here:

Stefon BIONIK Taylor Wins this Month’s Petnation Remix Contest


Congratulations to Stefon BIONIK Taylor for winning this month’s Petnation Remix Contest!!!  We also wanted to give some props and notable mentions to the following remix contestants; Baxter Beez, StephanOpolis, DAPHUTUR, and The Coppercat.  This was a VERY hard decision to make because there were so many incredible remixes submitted.  Needless to say, you all made our job very difficult for us to decide who this month’s winner was! We will continue to run this contest every month. So if you didn’t win this time, no worries, because there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to win.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next month! For details on how to participate in the Petnation Remix Contest go here.

Listen to BIONIK’S winning remix here! 


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