EDM.COM Premieres Mochipet’s new Cracktal Frunk

EDM.COM Premieres Mochipet’s new Cracktal Frunk

First track off Mochipet’s new album “Psilocybin Samurai”

Thanks to our friends at EDM.com for posting the first track off my new “Psilocybin Samurai” release titled “Cracktal Frunk”
Mochipet returns once again to the world of Glitch-Hop to bring us a full album of heavy psychedelic shuffle beats with unbounded worldly influences. Imagine Kendrick Lamar rocking a Tumbi on on a day trip through Punjab or Lil Jon trading his 808s to serenade a Koto in Kyoto. Psilocybin Samurai is a intricately crafted fun driven dance album that only David Y Wang could create. Made to enjoy with your favorite psychotropic side dishes it is a guaranteed to be a mind-expanding good time for your auditory sense as well as your erudite!
Out February 03 2015

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