Mochipet Gives Away Master P on Atari in honor of Atari’s 40th Birthday!

In honor of Video Game Giant Atari Systems 40th Birthday Mochipet is for limited time giving away his album “Master P on Atari” on his Bandcamp page! Master P on Atari was Mochipet’s  follow up to his 808 Opus“Microphonepet” gained him a spot on 2kSports’ NBA2k9 Videogame along side acts such asBeastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids and now he’s back with another Glitched Out Video Game Marathon. Master P on Atari is dirtier, bassier, and spaceier, with lazers set on full destruct. You’ll hear elements of Hip Hop, Dubstep, 8bit, IDM, Metal, and Chopped and Screwed but it is still all David Y. Wang, expanding on his already immense electronic musical pallet. There might be a reason why publications such as The Clash Magazine (UK), Bay Guardian, and SFWeekly has nomited him as one of the Best Electronic Act of 2008 and one to watch for in the future!

Download Master P on Atari Here

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