Stefon BIONIK Taylor Wins this Month’s Petnation Remix Contest


Congratulations to Stefon BIONIK Taylor for winning this month’s Petnation Remix Contest!!!  We also wanted to give some props and notable mentions to the following remix contestants; Baxter Beez, StephanOpolis, DAPHUTUR, and The Coppercat.  This was a VERY hard decision to make because there were so many incredible remixes submitted.  Needless to say, you all made our job very difficult for us to decide who this month’s winner was! We will continue to run this contest every month. So if you didn’t win this time, no worries, because there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to win.  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next month! For details on how to participate in the Petnation Remix Contest go here.

Listen to BIONIK’S winning remix here! 


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